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Maulana Kausar Niazi

The author has always a valid ground for what he believes or rejects. Being a scholar of this disposition, he could hardly leave the Darwinian theory of Evolution without examining it closely.

In this book he has critically examined the theory raising some fairly valid points against it. According to him, Adam’s descent on earth as the vicegerent of the Almighty was far more noble and inspiring than his chimpanzic past wrapped in total darkness. He has quoted European writers to prove that man did not evolve monotheism through a protracted experimentation with a mass of idolatrous ideas; man; he says started his journey on this planet long ago as a monotheist being, going occasionally astray, to be brought back to the righteous path by a long line of Prophets – Muhammad being the last of them.

ISBN No.  969-432-244-8.   14 cm. x 21.5 cm. xxiv+110 pp. (P.B)