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This book is the English version of Ihya Ulum-id-Din of Imam Ghazzali, who is the greatest thinker of all the World of Islam. This book, Ihya is a sea of knowledge full of reasons and arguments, full of Qur’anic Verses, traditions of the Holy Prophet and of the companions and the famous saints of early ages. Imam was not a blind follower of sects but he was an independent thinker. As the world is ever advancing with new ideas and scientific discoveries, so also this work is full of novel and great ideas and scientific discoveries and thereby the Imam revived truly the religious sciences and gave them an impetus never given by his predecessors in such a manner.

The book is in four volumes. Every volume is full in itself.

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Renan calls Ghazali “the most original mind among Muslim philosophers”. “Philosopher and sceptic as he was by nature,” says Claud Field, “Ghazali’s chief work was that of a theologian, moralist and mystic, though his mysticism was strongly balanced by common sense.” It is a characteristic of Ghazali which appeals to the modern mind in the way in which he expounds the religious argument from probability. He is accepted as an orthodox authority and is considered Hujjat al-Islam (Proof of Islam). It is said that if all the books of Islam were destroyed it would be but a slight loss if only the Ihya’ of Ghazali were preserved.

The books that are described below are translations of some of the books of the Ihya’