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Dr. M. Yusuf Guraya

This compact monograph proves that complete and perfect Islamic Sources were the sole and absolute basis of the glory, splendour and magnificence of the Muslim past. The whole edifice of Islamic civilization was raised on these fundamental principles. They were the inspirational, stimulative force for providing incentive and impulse to the Muslims to conceive original and creative ideas in all spheres of life and to put them into practice. The contributions and achievements of the Muslim jurists were marvellous. The legal system brought about by the Fuqaha fulfilled all the requirements of the largest Islamic caliphate. After the fall of Baghdad in general and during the decline of the Mughals in particular, the accumulative secondary traditional material created by different generations of the Muslims began to get greater importance than the original sources of Islam. After the establishment of Pakistan the new environment required reinterpretation of Islamic teachings. So the author of this book emphasises to turn to the original sources of Islam. Our jurists should make new Fiqa in the light of the Qur’an. This book impels the jurists to make new Fiqa which will go a long way to unite the Muslims.

ISBN No. 969-432-189-1.     14 cm. x 21.5 cm. viii+204 pp. (H.B)