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Dr. Nafis Ahmad

There have been many attempts to recognise and appreciate the extent and value of Muslim contribution to geography, yet the history of Muslim geographical thought was still to be written.

The writer of this volume has offered it as a modest contribution to studies directed to that end. The author’s aim has been twofold: first to illustrate the theme with the help of a large variety of facts, and secondly to evaluate the output spread over a period of more than six centuries, in a systematic form according to the practice and parlance of modern geography.

The book traces the beginnings and follows the development of Muslim geographical literature, examines theories concerning the earth, details achievements in cartography, mathematical geography, use of instruments and physical, human and descriptive geography. It also lists principal geographers and describes their works. Maps and illustrations.

ISBN No. 969-432-180-8.    14 cm. x 21.5 cm. xiv + 178 pp. (H.B)