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Abdul Hamid Siddiqi. Tr. (with Arabic  Text)

This is a collection of the prayers of the Holy Prophet of Islam culled from the pages of the Holy Qur’an and authentic works of Traditions. The Prophet was a great believer in prayers. He made supplications to his Lord with a zeal and fervour rarely to be found in the religious literature of the world.

One who cares to read them cannot but be overwhelmed with the depth of feelings with which he addressed God. Intense love of the Great Master, deep consciousness of His unbounded favours, unshakable confidence in the Divine Mercy, and unfaltering faith in His Might and Power and a sense of deep humility — these are the multicoloured threads with which is woven the delicate pattern of the Prophet’s prayers.

ISBN No. 969-432-038-0.    12 cm. x 17.5 cm. vii+56 pp. (P.B)