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Q.I. Hingora

Apart from being the “Book of Guidance,” the Qur’an, in the capacity of the “Conclusive Word,” had to give mankind some idea of the events that were soon to follow after its revelation and of the other major ones which are yet to follow. Of the Qur’anic prophecies many have been fulfilled; many are being fulfilled; the rest shall be fulfilled. As scientific knowledge advances, it will gradually find means of accurately confirming many other incontrovertible truths of the Qur’an as it has confirmed many already.

In this book the compiler has given a number of prophecies on certain topics arranged under appropriate heads with short comments, giving the reader a composite picture of the subject.

ISBN No. 969-432-008-9.    14.5 cm. x 21.5 cm. viii+154  pp. (H.B)