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Allama Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Tr.

Arabic text with English Translation, Commentary and Notes

“What I wish to present to you is an English interpretation side by side with the Arabic text. The English shall be, not a mere substitution of one word for another, but the best expression I can give to the fullest meaning that I can understand for the Arabic text. The rhythm, music and exalted tone of the original should be reflected in the English interpretation. It may be but a frank reflection, but such beauty and power as my pen commands shall be brought to its service…….

“Every earnest and reverent student of the Qur-an, as he proceeds with his study, will find, with an inward joy difficult to describe, how this general meaning also enlarges as his own capacity for understanding increases. It is like a traveller climbing a mountain; the higher he goes, the farther he sees.…”             Abdullah Yusuf Ali

ISBN No. 969-432-090-9.    18 cm. x 24.5 cm. lxxxix+2255 pp. (Hard Binding)