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D.P. Brewster Tr.

This is the English translation with explanatory notes of Imam Ghazali’s al-Qistas al-Mustaqim. This work of Ghazali is directed against the Ismailis, and at the same time it reveals the state of Islamic theology at a crucial period of its formulation. It demonstrates the methods adopted by one of the foremost exponents of that theology, one who became known as “the proof of Islam” (Hujjat al-Islam) by his admirers. It reveals, furthermore, the extent to which theologians of Islam were acquainted with the methods of Greek philosophy and the extent to which they were prepared to adopt these methods in the defence of their faith.

The intention of the translator is to illuminate the debate between the orthodox (or Sunni) position and that occupied by Ismailis. Ghazali’s argument comes through very clearly and shows the use he made of philosophical methods.

ISBN No.  969 -432-111-5.    14 cm. x 21.5 cm. xxiii+142 pp. (P.B)