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Khaja Khan

“Tasawwuf” is a subject that people fear to teach from public platform. The common feeling is that it is a species of knowledge that descends from breast to breast; it is the torch that is handed down from the Murshid to his Murid.

While the discussion of subtle questions before the uninitiated is apt to lead them astray, the promulgation of secret doctrines is like leading men to a vast unexplored field full of pitfalls and quicksands. In most cases such teaching has had the effect of leading them away from the path of Islam. To invite, therefore, Muslim thinkers to this way of seeking the truth, this book is offered. The author says: “If I have succeeded in showing what Tasawwuf is not, one-half of my task is done.” Hence the author has tried to show that Islamic doctrines and practices, if probed deeply, would be found to have the support of the most earnest thinkers of the West.

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