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Saifuddin J. Aniff Doray

The Holy Qur’an repeatedly admonishes the believer that worship without adequate knowledge is worship woefully deficient; with due knowledge he is exhorted to take note of the Order that prevails in Nature and the wondrous features of life around him. Knowledge, in short, is an essential preliminary to worship.

It is in the light of such essentials, of Islamic philosophy and the requirements of child psychology that this series of books has been prepared for children of various age-groups. The aim has been not only to impart a minimum amount of Islamic knowledge but also to mould the child’s character in the Islamic way, totally abandoning the stereotyped catechism method and assimilating as many methods and media as possible of modern pedagogy.

The books in the series Gateway to Islam contain lessons in Ahkam (commandments); ‘Aqa’id (beliefs), A’mal, (application) and Tarikh (history), and are a must for children who are taught in English.

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