THE SECRETS OF THE SELF (Translation of Iqbal’s Asrar-i-Khudi)


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A. Nicholson Tr.

While Hindu philosophers, in explaining the doctrine of the Unity of Being, addressed themselves to the head; Iqbal, like the Persian poets who teach the same doctrine, takes a more dangerous course and aims at the heart. He is no mean poet, and his verse can raise or persuade even if his logic fails to convince.

This is the second edition of the translation, revised by the translator in the light of corrections suggested by Iqbal himself soon after the publication of the first edition in 1920.

Versified English Translation of Iqbal’s Gulshan-i-Raz-i-Jadid and Bandagi Namah by M. Hadi Hussain. Introduction by S.A. Vahid.

ISBN No. 969-432-200-6.    12 cm. x 17.5 cm. xxxi + 148 pp. (H.B)