Some Notes on Islamic History and Arabic Literature


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Prof. Abdul Qayyum

The thirst for knowledge especially about Islamic history and development of Arabic literature can never end in the Muslim world. Scholars from all around the world have contributed a lot and it would continue. Being student and later teacher of Arabic, Prof. Abdul Qayyum was afforded a unique opportunity to contribute in understanding Islamic history and development of Arabic literature. This book will provide a scholarly insight and reveal interesting details to satisfy not only the students but also those casual readers of Islamic history. Ibn Khaldun ideas on ‘Education’ will find attention of all educationists and intellectuals as a need for our society under the present degenerating environment. The chapter on modern movements of Islamic renaissance will be very useful especially to the student’s history of Pakistan as these movements laid the foundation stone for the creation of Pakistan in the subcontinent. The short volume would be a great help and of considerable benefit to a diverse group of readers including those preparing for the C.S.S exam, as an introduction to some important areas in the vast field of Arabic Literature and Islamic History.

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