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Dr. N. Amin Faris

Here is a book that fulfils the crying need of mankind at this hour. It is a book on the Science of Man… The author’s thesis that the urge for ideals is the ultimate and the real, the ultimate and sole dynamic power of human action, seems to be a long overdue discovery of the most important of all the laws of human nature. The author has given what is no doubt the final refutation of the psychological theories of Karl Marx, Freud, Adler and MacDougall and his theory of the process of history is far clearer and far more convincing than the theories of Marx, Spengler and Toynbee.

A remarkable feature of the book is its integration and correlation of all the facts of knowledge belonging to diverse fields of inquiry. The accomplishment of this important task, though rarely possible in this age of specialisation, was indeed essential for a book on the Science of Man… One is extremely refreshed to note as one reads the book that the writer is able to quote a striking biological analogy in additional support of each of his significant conclusions in the field of Psychology.

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